​​Boogie-Woogie Piano... FAST! ​Feedback

Thank you for ​sharing your feedback ​on my ​Boogie-Woogie Piano... FAST course! I really do appreciate it!​

​​As promised, here's a little thank-you gift for you...

I'm guessing you originally learned about this course through my YouTube boogie-woogie piano lesson​, which has been watched over 850,000 times!

A number of people have asked if I have the sheet music for that "composition" from the video. Well, I FINALLY got around to creating the sheet music, so here it is...

"Bill's Boogie" Sheet Music (PDF)​​​

​And in case you missed the original video on YouTube, here it is again for you, along with a second boogie-woogie piano video, where I talk about a Barry Manilow boogie-woogie tune, of all things.

So, thanks again for your feedback, and enjoy the sheet music and videos!

- Bill Romer

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